Michael Gerry, bass/vox

Michael Gerry is a product of various influences. Born and raised in Chicago, he grew up playing rock at the age of 12. You have heard Michael’s bass playing, even though you didn’t know it was him. From the mid-70s through the mid-80s, if you heard any commercials on radio and TV for the major airlines, Coors Beer, McDonalds, Sears and hundreds of other clients,it was him playing bass.

With great reading skills and a background playing all styles of music, he became a first-call player in Chicago. He backed up every major act and show performing in the Midwest area. He became a popular choice in the recording industry and has recorded more than 3,000 commercials, movie scores, HBO TV specials and record dates.

He started traveling with many top entertainers (concert dates) and shows in 1987, and was on the road continuously until late 2006. His latest Broadway show tours include Andrew Lloyd Webber’s American Concert Tour, CATS, Phantom of the Opera and the Les Miserable’s World Tour.

He is also a featured artist and endorsee of EDEN amplifiers and Sadowsky bass guitars.